My first 1000 Kms on bike!

When I wrote my last blog post about  Salman Khan…I received fair share of brick bats and criticism from his fans..!! Bhai ke bare mein aise kaise bol diya….!!

Anyway  that’s past….. Now today I am going to blog about a feel good subject and that’s  Cycling or Biking.

Whether we should call it cycling  or biking that’s another topic to blog on.The cool colloquial is bike or biking. It’s taken from the western world. Quintessentially “biking” is a general term that is used casually and “cycling” is generally used by serious cyclist.

Here in India, if you tell someone that you have bought a bike, inadvertently he will ask “Bro Harley le li kya?”. Then the clarification starts!! Nahin bro bicycle li hai…!! and further if you disclose the price of your bike (i.e. bicycle), he is sure to reply ” Yaar itne mein toh motorcycle aa jaati”.

For us in India, in our growing days, we majorly saw two brands, Atlas and Hero. I bought a HERO Ranger during my school days. (Don’t know how many of you have heard of it). Now a days, for a layman Firefox is considered to be the best cycle brand  until he decides to dig a bit deeper. I also thought the same. It’s not our fault. The cycling culture is virtually non-existent in India. The amount of respect cyclist gets on Indian roads vouch for that. A cyclist is considered nothing more than an obstruction on the beautiful road for he slows down your SUV’s.

This blog is essentially about my experience on initial days in the cycling world. The intention is to share experiences about cycling  and  to motivate friends to take up the sport. People who are already into cycling might find it a bit monotonous.

So how did it all start?  A friend started posting his cycling pics on his facebook wall and from there I got my first motivation. Without wasting time, I buzzed him and we spoke over  phone and viola in few days I landed straight at ” The Bike Shop, Yusuf Sarai.” on his recommendation. Not only did I buy a bike for myself, bought a couple more for my wifey and kid too.



Can’t say that I had a perfect buying experience…. But I was an absolute novice so took the advice of the shop owner ( who himself is a cyclist) and opted for a rigid fork Scott Sportster Tour ( Limited Edition)  HYBRID bike for myself.



After I bought my bike, I started riding small distances. Once I got a hang of it.. I decided to try my luck on a longish solo ride. 

Where else I could have chosen other than “mecca” of Delhi Cyclists ” INDIA GATE“. My First ride went smooth. Got a bit more confident. Called my friend Harpreet and he added me in DEC ( Delhi Elite Cylists) whatsapp group.



Now that was a game changer. Never ever I thought that there can be so much passion for cycling. Every day the group plans a ride. Details are shared on Facebook and Whatsapp about the location.Emphasis is to discover various places in and around Delhi and ride with fervour the next morning.

My first ride with the group was to Peddlers Village in Gurgaon.


Unfortunately, my friend Harry who inducted me in the group met with an accident the very same day. He was out of action for few months. But I continued riding with the group and was embraced with open arms in the group. Forged a few new friendships too.They are a bunch of amazing people. Never knew cycling is such a technical sport until i started riding with them

Now what a 1000 kms of cycling did to me….

I saw sunrises after a long time…:). Felt more nimble and agile.Energy levels remained high throughout the day. I found it meditative too. You kind of go into trance once you get into the rhythm.


Cycling is mainly an aerobic activity, which means that your heart, blood vessels and lungs all get a workout. You will breathe deeper, perspire and experience increased body temperature, which will improve your overall fitness level.

And believe me cycling in gymnasium is not the solution. You can never go to gym and cycle 30 kms on a stationary bike.



Good one!!

Most importantly and interestingly, you discover new places that you never knew existed in your own city which can never be possible riding a stationary bike! For example this place is 5 kms from my house called Sanjay Van.




Lake in Sanjay Van


Mehrauli Archaeological park.


Not to mention healthy snacking on the way ,though, sometime we do indulge in gastronomical delights.

I have had number of queries from my friends/relatives about cycling . But sadly  not enough have put their plan in action. I hope that through my blog I am able to motivate them  enough to buy a bike and start riding!

Having said that,it’s always advisable to mix up cycling with other physical activities like running, playing a sport etc.

Idea is to promote cycling to a level where government is forced to have a cycling policy which ensures equal respect for cyclist on the roads.May be few dedicated cycling tracks can be planned in the city too.

A dedicated cycling  Autobahn or highway , 69 km long has been opened  partially in Germany. Lot of western countries have dedicated cycling corridors. We have a long way to go there but there has to be a start….

A bit of  gyaan about cycle purchase.

Now before you buy a car, you test drive a number of them, similarly before you buy a bike, it is recommended that you try out a few bike after taking advise from the shop owners and then decide. Be shameless. Try as many shops as you want to and try as many bikes as you can. Reach a conclusion after a through research.( Please don’t buy your bike online without trying it out.) Online purchases are good for accessories.

A very basic info on types of bikes that are available in the market.

Broadly there are three kind of bikes that are available

  1. MTB ( Mountain Terrain Bike)

      2. Hybrid Bike

      3. Roadie

They are then further classified on their tyre sizes/ frame sizes and frame geometry.

Generally people prefer MTB as their first bike. Advantages being that you can do a bit of off roading . They look very imposing. However there is a bit of extra effort involved for city riding. Boon is that they are now available with lock out suspensions…makes them very desirable even on flat surfaces.



Hybrids are prefered for city commuting. Less rolling resistance.Less effort. Sleeker tyres.



Roadies are generally bought when you upgrade from either MTB or Hybrid.When you are looking to up your average speeds.




There are folding bikes available too which I believe that they are allowed to be taken in Delhi Metro!



There are few shops i would advise you to go to are  Durga Cycles, The Bike Shop, Cyclofit, Peddle up studio, Track & Trail  and Decathalon. 

Major Brands you can consider are Scott, Trek, Ghost, BTwin, Firefox etc.

Once you are through with your bike purchase there is sea of accessories that are available in market/online. Some are essential and some are not. For starters, you should invest in a good helmet. Lights are essential if you are riding early morning or in nights. It’s always better if you have rear red light on blinker mode all the time. Good quality padded cycling shorts are a must too.A bottle cage and a bottle is a must have accessory.Cycling gloves and shades help too. A speedometer is optional. Strava ( a mobile app) can do most of your tracking, be it speed, distance or elevation.

You could set riding targets for yourself and then accordingly gift yourself well deserved accessories. Don’t buy everything in one go.

You can also ping me on if you have any query. If I am unable to answer, I am sure someone in DEC will come to your rescue. You can also directly post your query on DEC Facebook page for wider audience. It has crossed 10,000 members recently.

It is always recommended to ride in a group.  You will always feel safe and secure. Your average speed will always be higher. You will discover new places. And most of all you will get inspired.So my suggestion is to look out for a group near by and try riding with them. 

If you are still unable to find a group, then DEC is always there, you are more than welcome to ride alongside us. It has riding members from almost every corner of Delhi.

Can’t end this blog without thanking some amazing people of DEC for inspiring me. Harpreet Madan, Umesh Ghai, Mayank Mago, Saurabh Sethi, Sushil Hooda, Arya Ashok Kumar, Madhav Dubey, Gaurav Sharma to name a few. And of course special mention of a  regular female rider Ms. Gurleen Kaur.

A note of caution: Join this group only if your phone is capable of handling over 1000 whatsapp messages/pictures per day!!  :-). I just transferred about 7000 DEC pics on my PC!!


I hope to see you on bike soon!!

I am sharing few collages of our rides together. Hope you enjoy them!







Request DEC members and others to share the blog post as much as you can… Even if a single person gets on the saddle after reading this, then it’s all worth the effort.







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I am writing this blog not to offend Salman Khan fans but to tell them how skewed their thinking is. It’s one thing to judge him and appreciate him for his professional work ( though personally I think he is highly overrated) and other thing is to judge him on the conduct in his public life. I am sure his report card shows nothing more than a “D” grade in that aspect.

Now to all the ladies who swoon over him, I’ll try my best to convince them to think rationally and intelligently and not be delusional. Do love him for the way he looks and the character he plays but do not blur the line between the reel and the real life. Though even in reel life he is an actor below par. If looks are everything I’m sure Brad Pitt is no less good-looking than “Bhai”. See his work in “The curious case of Benjamin Button” and compare it to any of the Salman’s work , you will understand what I am taking about. Though I am sure that by the end of this I wouldn’t be able to convince you for good but at least I’d have tried.

But now just look at this particular case which is in news .Lets see  whether all the love that you have for him is justified.

 What I am going to state here are facts of the case.

First and fore most that he was drunk driving. He didn’t have a licence. His personal body guard Mr. Ravindra Patil requested him not to drive and slow down because he was going too fast. He didn’t pay heed to him.

Ravindra Patil, as a dutiful constable lodged an FIR. No wonder he is no more today. His life was made a living hell. He was put in jail for being an absconder in this case. He was pressurized to an extent that he  almost had a nervous breakdown. He fled the city citing the very same reason. He was suspended by police for not reporting and subsequently dropped as witness. It is reported that a huge amount of bribe was paid by the Khan’s to the then home minister of Maharashtra to drop the constable as a witness. He eventually died of TB.


The third person Kamal Khan who was also in the car was never allowed to return to India and help police with the case. Police could have summoned him from abroad but they didn’t. You are smart enough to know why!!

Now comes the worst part, one fine day, after 12 years, one Mr. Ashok Singh cropped up from nowhere and claimed that he was driving the car. And he had a tyre burst and lost control of the vehicle. And then the crane hoist snapped which led to the killing of the deceased. Now, I definitely believe that the lawyer who suggested this line of argument did a great service to the nation because court must have felt offended after hearing such an argument and decided to give 5 years instead of 3 Years!!

 “Bhai” lied under oath! But every one lies once in a while. Hardly anything here to shift our loyalties. Isn’t it?

To me, both the driver and Salman Khan should be tried for perjury.

Would you forgive him if he ran over your loved ones?

There are a couple of very good analogies that I read on twitter  that I am sharing

“When some one rapes a girl and saves another from being raped the next day. Should he be absolved of his crime?”


Khans also left no stone unturned to drag this case for as long as possible. It took almost double the time i.e. 13 years for the lower court to reach a verdict in this case as compared other normal cases. And the irony is the same judicial system was twisted to Bhai’s benefit to get the bail in three hours on out of turn priority basis from high court. None other than Harish Salve rushed to secure bail for him. Mind you he is the crusader for Anti VIP culture and is known to charge between 50 L to 1 Cr. for a hearing!!

No compensation is paid till date to the families of aggrieved. So much for his charitable work.. He has a very large heart. He is a benefactor. A philanthropist. I am sure that none of are aware as to  how the NGO’s are misused to make sullied money legitimate. The start of NGO was not because of his love for humanity, it was because he was advised by his lawyer that this can be used to convince court to take a lenient view of his crimes.Thankfully the court didn’t buy his argument. Similar one was used by Sanjay Dutt that he has done socially relevant films that has impacted the lives of people therefore he should be set free. What a contorted argument that is.

 It means that I can kill a person, start an NGO and thus be set free of my past crimes.

 Let’s see how Bollywood reacted:




These tweets from our so called celebrity shows that how cerebral deficient they are.They are the same people who would do candle light marches for their loved one killed in the lobby of TAJ and Oberoi.

However, the person who is mocked the most i.e. Alia Bhatt did tweet sensibly to her credit.


The best tweet award goes to none other than BHAI himself who tweeted this not so long ago:


Let’s just see how this habitual offender has behaved in public life so far.

He had a string of girl friends which I am sure is OK. But he has been abusive to most of them which I am sure is not OK. He beat the shit out of Aishwarya Rai and banged her door the entire night. Poor father had to go to the police for this very kind act of his. The latest addition to face the wrath of his abuse is Katrina Kaif after Sangeeta Bijlani, Aishwarya Rai etc. Allegedly he had gone a step further and hit her in public. Poor chap. He is so misunderstood. But the nicety of man is that he never had sex with any of them because he firmly believes in institution of marriage as he declared on national television that he is still a virgin. Awww….what a sweet heart.

One fine day, to impress the ladies he arranged guns and jeeps and went for hunting. Unfortunately he killed an endangered black buck for which cases are pending. And of course insulting and abusing reporters and  camera men here and there is nothing. I am just making mountain out of the mole hill.

 In all seriousness, I really feel sad that people in India are so myopic in their thoughts and beliefs that superficiality is paramount for them not the real conduct.

Sadly this case is not ending soon. This will go to supreme court and take another 13 years or so and also he might get bail today as well with all the loopholes in our system to be exploited by the finest minds that money could buy!

Broader question that i want to raise here is that  if a person is convicted by the lower court then why is he eligible for bail? Then what’s the point of having the lower courts? Convicted has every right to appeal and he should but he has to be under arrest till the time his hearing is due in higher court. Aren’t we undermining the judgements by the lower courts?

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The Politics of Opportunism.

Yesterday was indeed a sad day in Indian Political history. It is ironic that a farmer committed suicide in a rally which was precisely held to hear out the plight of farmers.


But as the suicide drama unfolded, there were several disturbing facts that emerged regarding the opportunism showed by our political clan on dead man’s grave.

Let’s start with Kejriwal.

I have never been a great fan of his antics. And yesterday’s incident did nothing but further strengthened my belief that he is nothing but a politicial opportunist who sees vote bank even in his dreams. I am glad that people of Delhi are now beginning to see through him.


What happened yesterday was an opportunity seized by him to strengthen his vote bank yet again.

After the incident of suicide, he chose to use the situation to his advantage, grabbed the mike and started spitting venom against Delhi Police and Prime Minister and this continued for good 45 mins.Instead he should have called off the rally there and then. After this outburst, someone perhaps suggested him that there is a good photo op at the hospital and off he went to the hospital in a jiffy.

Listen to what he said right after the farmer committed suicide.

 But don’t we all already know him. The point here is that it looked like a stage managed event that went horribly wrong. Kejriwal finds himself on a sticky wicket as facts are emerging in media slowly and steadily.

There are string of events that leads to the strong possibility of the entire episode being stage managed.

First of all, the farmer who committed suicide wasn’t an ordinary farmer, he was political aspirant.He even contested Rajasthan assembly polls on SP ticket earlier and there is a word on the street that he was planted by AAP to create a ruckus at the venue to garner TRP’s and create a “Pepli Live” kinda situation. In return he was promised a big political role in AAP or how else you can explain the big broom he was carrying with him on the tree top.


Apparently he had a website running by the name of

and he had helped many celebrities including Clinton and Vajpayee adorn this traditional Rajasthani saafa.

Here is a screenshot from the website:


Also there is a rebut from the government agencies which claimed that he was anything but distressed farmer…  and I quote from the statement in the news paper “The Hindu”

The Dausa district administration has said:

“Loss to crops does not appear to be a reason of suicide. His family’s financial condition is fine and they have farm houses and his uncle is the local village sarpanch,” Dausa’s Additional District Collector Kailash Sharma said.

Mr. Sharma claimed that not a single farm in Baswa Tehsil, where the farmer’s village falls, is entitled to compensation.

“During the survey conducted by the district administration to assess loss to crops, it was found that the damage in all the farms in that tehsil was below 33 per cent. Therefore no farmer was eligible for compensation.”

Dayanand Sharma, Sub-Divisional Officer, Bandikui, claimed that Gajendra never approached the authority to demand compensation.

So the question arises what was he doing on that tree top. Just read what his uncle and his cousin told the news agency ANI.


So its all coming together. A farmer with an political ambition was used by AAP leaders and promised a political career in lieu of a suicide stunt which went horribly wrong.

Family claims that the suicide note that he wrote isn’t his handwriting.

Now this is for Investigative agencies to find out what happened.Whatever facts they might come up after their investigations, no one can deny that he could have been saved if Kejriwal being a CM acted in time instead of passing on the buck to everyone else.

Kejriwal was caught on camera after the suicide attempt and he looked pretty amused about it


Not only Kejriwal… Rahul baba with his new found vigour jumped onto the band wagon of political opportunism and went to the Hospital to check his dead body perhaps!!

He then made this statement to the press.

He said that and I quote “I just want to tell the farmers we are with them, and they should not feel scared at all. It is a very sad incident, and so I have not come here to do politics. All this has happened because of the [land acquisition] ordinance that has been brought by the BJP government,” 

As per him, the farmers are committing suicide because of Land Acquisition bill. It has nothing to do with untimely rains and hailstorms that the nation faced.

But he conveniently forgets that last 10 years were ruled by UPA and a farmer was commiting suicide every half hour during their regime.


Futher more, suicides are happening in his constituency where he doesn’t bother to go and check on the farmers. Check this out:

As the political opportunism was in full swing, the MODI government was busy working. There was a major cabinet decision which no one bothered to report about the Juvenile Justice act. Approval was given by cabinet reducing the age to 16 to be tried as an adult for a henious crime.

However the presstitutes spent the entire day to come up with the headlines such as this


The work done by Modi government in less than 1 year is more than what UPA could achieve in a decade. Well that’s for another day!

But all in all Delhi will pay for its mistake in empowering Kejriwal. Once a mistake,twice is stupidity.

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Why Priyanka Chopra, Why??

I was astonished to read that Mumbai Municipal Corporation has named a street in honour of Priyanka Chopra’s father Mr. Ashok Chopra. I failed to understand the reason behind it. But then I realised that we live in a country where everything can be bought with money power and influence in this corrupt system.

In a country, where Manu Sharma can be given a parole for writing  his post-graduate degree exams in “ Human Rights“( yes, you read that right) ….this naming of street is still a small happening!!!



When I dug deep into this to find out the credentials/reasons given out for such audacious step by BMC, I found out none other than the claims made by Priyanka Chopra herself that her father had been a Philanthropist all his life.

 I don’t want to trample on dead man’s grave but I have never seen/heard/read about  him doing  any social work  other than sitting and laughing at award shows. And even if he was a philanthropist, does it mean that society has to pay him back by recognising his contributions by naming a street after him? By that parallel The USA should have been named as United states of Bill Gates give the amount of money he spends in philanthrophy….

So, the only reason that I can understand for a street to be named after him that he was Priyanka Chopra’s father and she has bought it with her influence and money. And by the way the street leads to Priyanka Chopra residence only!!

Wouldn’t it be nice if the streets in Mumbai are named after Tuka Ram Omble, Sandeep Unikrishnan, Hemant Karkare who gave supreme sacrifice on 26/11 to protect the very city where Priyanka Chopra lives in!!

If PC really wants her father to be remembered, she should start a charitable dispensary/hospital for the poor or open a  primary school for poor kids in his name Or for that matter give money for Cancer research which took her father away.That would have been a befitting tribute to a father from his daughter.

To name public road in someone’s name just because you can buy it is totally unacceptable. There are  hundreds of Lt. Cols. who have retired from Army . How many roads are named after them in their honour by the Government of India?

If this dangerous precedent is not dealt with, the day is not far where they will name a road in honour of Sanjay Dutt cos he took delivery of arms on that road.

It is a shameless act on part of the government and should be reversed. An RTI in this matter has also been filed.


On a lighter note, apart from the personal ambition of “daddy’s lil girl”,  other reason she did this was just to tell her cab driver that “ Bhaiya , mere papa ki road pe le lo.” !!





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There is an old saying by George Bernard Shaw:

“Old men are dangerous, it doesn’t matter to them what is going to happen to this world”.

One can definitely draw parallels with our very own Manmohan Singh. The way he is running the country certainly seems that it doesn’t matter to him what’s going to happen to our country in future!! He knows that he is going into oblivion after 2014  elections so he couldn’t care less about India.


In  a country of 1.2 billion people where 65% population is below 35 yrs of age, why do we have to have an octogenarian Prime Minister who actually hasn’t won any Lok Sabha elections and isn’t a elected representative in a true sense. And still he is our Prime Minister for nearly 10 years.

But we didn’t choose him to be our PM…he was thrusted upon us by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. I don’t know why we take so much pride in our democratic system. It is a flawed system. How many of us can dream of contesting a Lok Sabha elections? Most of the elected members are either criminals or billionaires or inherited the political legacy from their families.You can only dream of contesting elections from a national party if you have multi crores in your kitty.

Once the government is elected it is there to stay for five years.Governments don’t fall  mid way now because of simple understanding between the politicians of our country that  “ you save my ass and I save yours”. There is always a post poll alliance of convenience. The likes of Mulayams, Mayawatis give support to government so that the CBI doesn’t act on them for their earlier corruptions. So there is virtually very little chance of Government falling mid way of its term because of the support of these regional parties with their corrupt leaders. During voting either these parties abstain or vote in favour of government and on other days they keep criticising the government as if they are the only custodian of the general interest of Public.

Even then if the ruling party is short of few MPs, the likes of Amar Singhs are always there to buy MP’s for you…. We have no say in any matter. We don’t even have a right to recall. Political parties are kept out of RTI act. People who show displeasure by the means of social media get arrested.  It is nothing but the subversion of democracy.It is almost autocratic way of functioning.

Our democratic system needs an overhaul. We were told very early in our life that democracy means by the people, for the people and of the people. But how much of it is true. Once the government is elected in Lok Sabha, the role of “we the people” is as good as  finished for the next five years. We are mere spectators. We watch helplessly as our corrupt politician takes us for a ride one day after another. As a friend on twitter (@mihirbijur) aptly puts it that our democracy is off the people, far the people and bye the people.

There is no qualification required for being a politician. I&B minister, Manish Tiwari was suggesting examination for being a journalist few days back. But what if we suggest to him that even politician should have basic qualifications and go through an examination before standing in an election and of course with no criminal record. Will he accept it?

I totally believe that we should have had a personality based democracy rather than party based democracy so that at least we are aware that we are voting for a particular person who will surely be our  leader just like we have in USA.

Lets talk about Manmohan Singh. He has had a glittering academic career.Studied in foreign universities. Always a topper. But why did he fail so miserably as a politician….? It is vindictive of the stand for that a topper doesn’t necessarily  be good at everything he does and MMS is classic example.I truly believe that he has failed India like no other PM. Why can’t he see what is required of him??


Few days ago Rahul Gandhi said That if India is a computer, then congress is its default program.I’d like to change it in context of Manmohan Singh. If India is a computer,Manhoman Singh is its fatal error ( Fatal error is something you lose all data of a program you are working on and you have to reboot for your system to work properly again)

Tell me which International magazine has the audacity to put Prime minister of any country on its cover and give the title of under achiever. Don’t believe me…. Time magazine just did that. Here is the proof.


Which prime minister in the entire world will not give even a statement (forget the action)  when his own soldiers are beheaded and killed mercilessly by the neighbouring country. But then we have a novel way of responding. We serve biryani to top Pakistani diplomats. Mr. Salman Khurshid hosted a lunch for Pakistan’s foreign Minister only few days after the beheading of our soldiers.

When our president can issue a statement in his address on the eve of Independence Day to boost the morale of our soldiers why on earth our prime minster can’t utter a word….

China is now trespassing in Leh, Uttrakhand and Arunachal…It is literally playing ping pong with India. Indian counterparts were seen requesting them  with folded hands to retract from our land!! You will be amazed to know even Myanmar soldiers had entered Manipur a week ago …

Read the article in India Today.

The weak governance of India and projection of India as a soft state has virtually made our land free for all …..

Which other prime Minister in the world had so many jokes on him… If you combine all the jokes on all previous prime ministers…. Jokes on Manhoman singh will easily surpass them. Just google “Jokes on Manmohan Singh” and you will be thoroughly entertained.

Here are few examples that I have taken out from google search only.

images (1)                   image02h0

Manmohan Singh is a puppet robot of sonia gandhi UPA congress politician politics005     Capture

Then we were made to believe that he is an upright and honest person… I tend to disagree here… even if you are honest and you let the corruption happen under your very nose in the ministry that you are heading then… you are equally dishonest to the nation and there is no second opinion about it. Arun shourie labels him as intellectually dishonest if not financially dishonest.

Why on earth will so many people criticize in such  vitriolic ways unless there is something drastically wrong in the way he governs our country. If you listen to this interview of Arun Shourie by Karan Thapar on Devil’s Advocate… you would know what I am talking about.

Corruption is rampant everywhere be it political class, bureaucrats, law enforcing agencies and even our defence forces. He is heading the most corrupt government of our times. It’s the cesspool of most corrupt ministers which are led by him. Then your muteness has  become a disease and sufferer is India. You can’t speak impromptu. You don’t want to address the press… Forget about taking questions from them.You have no fresh ideas.

I entirely disagree that there are two power centers .  I believe that there is only one power center that is 10 janpath … MMS is just a facilitator and executor  of the decision made there. No sane economist will defend the Soniaconomics  of FSB but MMS endorses it ( as if he had a choice). He just doesn’t speak in parliament and when he does…always with a prepared speech and one can’t make out what he is saying……! Mr.Prime Minister have you ever seen your British counterpart speaking in Parliament on every subject? I suggest you must see it.

Tell me in which democratic country, a son in law of the ruling family is exempted from Airport checks?

download   neRNUhiEdchJiDD-556x313-noPad

Since he is the son in law of Sonia Gandhi and he will be given exemption from security checks and will be given  SPG protection because he is a public figure and there is a threat to his life. But otherwise, he is a private person and can’t be discussed in parliament and none other than parliamentary affairs minster jumps into the well of the house to defend him. This is called the politics of convenience!!

Kehmka calls Robert Vadra hafta collector. He says even the middle man does something and earns… he just doesn’t do anything and collects hafta. See the interview of Khemka on headlines today.  



.All I am saying is that we need to have a younger man with fresh ideas running this country. And by younger man, I definitely don’t mean Rahul Gandhi. It is better to be led by Sunny Leone than by him. And why Rahul Gandhi can’t lead this country is another topic in itself and will be taken up susequently!!

There is no dialogue between govt and people. Always an ever increasing gap between rich and poor…. Hunger, poverty, illetracy, population explosion, health services, tackling of corruption. economy, infrastructure, black money, malnutrition, farmers committing suicides… not even one problem has been tackled effectively by our government for the last 10 yrs.Everyday new scam emerges and we are so used to it that it doesn’t affect us anymore.

Only saving grace is Supreme Court who actually seems to be running our country.Last month Supreme court called India’s top investigation agency nothing more than a “caged parrot” for the ruling party.

And sadly our media houses have sold out to the incumbent government… If you listen to the interview of Nidhi Razdan with the British MP you would know why…

Then there was a TV journalist heard prompting on TV “ congress ko defend kar dena” see the video at 53 seconds

Ram Guha rightly said about Manmohan Singh and I quote

But, unable to resist the lure of office, he stayed on thereby presided over what is arguably the most corrupt government in Indian history. The great Indian cricketer Vijay Merchant, when asked why he had retired from the game after scoring a century in his last Test innings, answered: “I wanted to go when people asked ‘Why’ rather than ‘Why Not’?”

Mind you, MMS has refused to leave himself out of the race for third term.

Under this very eminent economist our growth rates have fallen to almost 4% and he inherited the economy at 8-9% . A person who doesn’t take risk with his dress code how can you expect him to take risks where it matters.

Couple of days ago he himself said and I quote ” In which country MP’s say that uska PM chor hai… ” and  Arun Jaitley promptly replied that which country buys MP’s for trust vote..


I’d like to conclude by saying that we the people of India deserve change in leadership. A leader who is not afraid to take bold measures. A leader who doesn’t project India as a soft state and leader who is answerable only to the people of India.

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This blog is about a book that I have recently read. This is not a book formal book review. I am too naive to write one considering the fact that I don’t read much. SHANTARAM is one of the very few novels that I have read from start to finish. I was told that it has a beautiful description of Bombay, the city I recently visited and was keen to know more about it. It is a colossal 900 odd pages of novel though I feel it could have been more concise.



It is a semi autobiographical account of an Australian convict who escaped a high security prison in Australia and somehow lands up in Bombay.  It almost feels and reads like a fiction novel.

Though the author claims that it is a true story of his life but somehow I find some portions in the book made up or spiced up to generate reader’s interest. Also I find that Author has cleverly named his book SHANTARAM which was a name given to him by his Guide’s mother to cater to Indian Audience. It is hardly used in the book, may be couple of references here and there.

Before I started reading the book, I googled about Gregory David Roberts who is the main protagonist so that I have an image of him in my mind when I read about him.



The book is mainly divided into four segments:

The first part deals with the author landing up in Bombay, spending months in village, learning Marathi. Living in slums where he helps the Slum dwellers with basic medical care. He also meets up with Swiss woman Karla, whom he falls in love with.

The second part is his capture and days spent at Arthur road prison. This part is spine chilling account of how he barely survives the torturous journey in a Bombay prison.

The third part accounts for his journey into joining the Mafia and learning the intricacies of black marketing, forgery, falsifying passport documents and money laundering.

The fourth part is about his journey into Afghanistan which he undertakes with his Mafia mentor. It’s all about how he barely survives the vicious tribal attacks and bitter cold and somehow returns to Bombay alive.

This was definitely good read. He does a nice job of writing the detailed description of places he visits and people he meets. He has an eye for detail and observes things minutely. The philosophical bits are slightly over the top at some points. The detailed descriptions of around twenty odd fist fights and gory description of mutilated bodies/injuries were unwarranted.

Somehow you get a feeling that the fast paced life that he lived in Mumbai is surreal. For instance putting a bear in back of truck disguising it as Ganpati. It was somewhat hard to digest.

It is brilliant in parts. Highly captivating at some points and extremely boring and  drag at some points especially the Afghanistan bit.  But overall it is an engrossing read.

I do question the veracity of the novel. I feel that some portions have been made up to keep the reader entertained .The way things keep happening in his life is bizarre and so fast paced that it’s difficult to believe that some of the events actually happened.

The author despite of being a convict, gangster, charlatan, forger, money launderer surprisingly shows himself as a benevolent character. Amazingly human and affable man to all. He does come across as a self praising man at many times in the story.

It has all the ingredients of a Bollywood malasa film. Love, Deceit, Underworld, passion, drugs, betrayal, Fist fights, Mafia, murders, Prostitutes. Infact it almost got made into a Hollywood movie with Johnny Depp in the lead. However it got stalled in 2007. Now Mira Nair is about to revive it again with the same lead and Amitabh Bachchan as Mafia Don Abdul Qadir.

He ends the novel with the story where he is offered to embark in yet another adventure in  Sri Lanka to help the Tamils in their fight for freedom. Perhaps he wanted to leave a little opening for a sequel of SHANTARAM

SHANTARAM is an entertaining read. I would definitely recommend it to everyone and especially to those who do not read much like me. It took me a month to finish it but I think it gave me a platform to explore more into the literal world.

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I long for the day……..

Inspired by my family members, I have written a short poem adding to the family’s poetic collection.

I long for the day…
When this world is free of pain, anguish and plight.
I long for the day…
When a religion is not followed out of any fear or fright…
I long for the day…
When my spiritual insights reach their ultimate height…
I long for the day…
When honesty & integrity in our relations is set right….
I long for the day….
When I can free myself from my inner conflicts and fights….
I long for the day…
When I sleep like a child, without worrying, in the night….
I long for the day…
When my little angel will bring laurels to our family’s delight….
I long for the day…
When I can tee off on a golf course with sun shining bright….
I long for the day…
When I can seize the moment and take a birds flight….
I long for the day…
When I can spend rest of my life with Alps in my sight….

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